Common Good Awareness Project 2020


The city as a canvas as an education tool as
a place to live-in, teach-in and learn from.



Created by the need to engage in common projects with overarching narratives towards changing the neoliberal mindset. What better place to start than the city. A city that, as well as having all of the symptoms and hallmarks of capital degeneration, also has a rich history and a renewed energy in changing it to a city made by its people - as the PR managers keep telling us. This space is about collecting data, in identifying documenting and restoring our cultural and political ties to that other Glasgow, not of shops and tourism, but of self determination, innovation, solidarity and adventure. But first, some context: 



Glasgow city council now have a new 30 year plan which they say will be "a world leading example of regeneration." Whatever that means. it is called City Centre Strategic Development Famework 2050. But before we start. It is plain to see what the results of the last 30 year plan has been for ordinary people, as each proceeding administration in that time period sold-off more and more of our land and commercialised our green space. From CITY OF CULTURE to the COMMONWEALTH GAMES, the business agenda was set.

Why do these projects always fail people? Commercial projects, posing as community development. All we are seeing of the legacy of the Commonwealth Games is the east end turned into parking spaces for developers and “un-affordable housing” . What happened to the promised east end LEGACY HUB centre? Answer. Closed. Just like the centres that were closed to clear the ground for the games. 

Like everything else when the money sponge leaves town the community are left with displacement, broken promises, debt and food banks. The city council boast that “PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW”. Well it is high time we got on with it. We need to create a peoples think-tank to see how best we can keep an eye on city plans and come up with ideas of our own, as a collective vision of our city for all of its people. 

So the SOCIAL ENERGY COLLECTIVE will work to create a comparative report to the councils CENTRE STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK 2050 and how we can ensure a positive and sustainable outcome for local people. We will do this by working with established and newer community groups in collaboration by looking at existing resources for community needs in our City. Looking at models of development as well as developing new ones.

Two crucial events in the year that connects to this narrative, among many more. One speaks to the continuous socio economical struggle against authoritarian control of peoples freedom and the other the same authorities deliberating on our very existence.


In the crisis of ideas we need to find ways to connect single issue politics with broader ideas and recognise our strengths and weaknesses in building a social movement that is inclusive and accessible to ordinary people. This is becoming more difficult as our cities are being transformed into privatised industrial housing and entertainment markets for profit and becoming dangerously devoid of autonomous social space. In disconnected times people tend to look inward for self protection when we should be looking outward for unity. May Day is one such institution among others which we need to reconnect to in our social calendar and others we should identify restore and promote. 

COP 26   9th – 20th November 2020

Means the Conference of the Parties? Meaning the people will need to confer amongst themselves. How does our city fair in the breakdown of the climate. Leaving the glossy PDFs aside. Where are we at in terms of education and more importantly making the critical connections to climate when planning our city amidst the commercial pressure of Laissez-faire developers our administrators continually cave into. COP 26 is an opportunity, not just for mobilisation but for education and creating a lasting legacy for grass roots climate awareness and development. That unlike the commonwealth games hopefully will leave a positive residue that can inspire continued development, after the parties and activists leave town. 

May Day for Beginners

COP 26


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