Here we will list videos from inspiring groups, those we directly support and wish to support and that give inspiration to others.

This section will be added to as the city survey pans out.


The Social Energy Collective


Better public transport is a must for any progressive city. Walk the length and breadth of it  you would be hard pushed to find anyone who disagreed.

Get Glasgow Moving AGM
Better Buses for Greater Manchester

Sharing plans and progress with others in other places is a very public thing to do, if we want to improve anything for the public.

Get Glasgow Moving

If the public are to improve anything they need to be involved in the process. We know things are bad, we need ideas, support and solidarity in changing them. Join in the process if we don't get numbers we can't get things done.

Living Rent AGM

As the first speaker comments don't be isolated by the pressures of rent, share your stories, and break the isolation of fighting the landlords on your own. A fairer Scotland means a fairer rent and that is what our government should be providing, but don't hang around waiting for them. Join Living Rent and make it happen.

Govan Clean-up

Living Rent is a tenants union which across Scotland has enabled neighbourhood groups to challenge rent increases, resist evictions and win millions of pounds in repairs. As local tenants we are uniting to demand better, more affordable housing across Govan, Linthouse, Drumoyne & Ibrox.

Serco notice to quit Glasgow - Living Rent

We need a city run by people and for peoples needs not parasites like SERCO feeding on peoples misery.

Re-open the Winter Gardens for people not profit demo

At the time, the East End of Glasgow was one of the most unhealthy and overcrowded parts of the city, and the People's Palace was intended to provide a cultural centre for the people. It was designed by the City Engineer, Alexander B. McDonald. At the opening ceremony Lord Rosebery stated: "A palace of pleasure and imagination around which the people may place their affections and which may give them a home on which their memory may rest". He declared the building "Open to the people for ever and ever".
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