Friends, Groups and useful links

Can we look at sharing some energy. Keeping in touch, combining actions and activities when appropriate, Using clash diaries, List venues that are cheap or free. Share skills, offer skills, organise swarms to fix things, help out give advice socialise boring tasks by having fun, going in team handed and getting things done and having a pizza on the table for after. Working as human beings striving for economic class consciousness, solidarity and mutual aid first-and-foremost. Finding a place in the movement for change is not always about doing what you want, but also doing what needs done. And sometimes all you get out of it is the privilege of being part of a movement. So it is important to know when you are working on your own wee detail of the picture your comrades are working on other parts and when they come together we will have collectively lifted the neoliberal bolder off of our backs. And as Ralph Nader reminds us. With the right kind of organisation. "It could be easier than we think".