Our interests could be the same as yours

Recording and exploring social history, using video, cameras, drones, recording equipment and words.

Supporting and helping to make the connections between different interest groups/folk/ideas in building the kind of solidarity that will be needed towards a sustainable movement for change.

Helping to support action towards small achievable aims that can be win, that could encourage ordinary people to become more involved in public life.

We will work with any medium available to us in collabourations with others that shares our basic aims. We have tools, equipment, a shipping container and a fair bit of knowledge on how things work, that we are keen to share. 

The last thing we want to do is reinvent the wheel. There are groups and organisations out there in abundance. The main thrust of our work is finding out what they have in common.

We feel we need to stop educating ourselves and our peers to death and start writing the essays. Start testing ideas in the community rather than just in our heads. We have convinced each other that these are good ideas. But they need to be pulled through the acid bath of cynicism to see what comes out the other end that is useable. That can only be done through practise - if the idea is to get ordinary people involved - The place to practice is in and with the community.

Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Tick-Tock etc is not the world. It is out there where all the people are.