The Common Good Awareness Project Est. 2009

From moribund motorway plans and a city designed for the car, cultural corporatism, failed social services,
public transport, 
gentrification and consumerism. People didn't make this Glasgow - They suffer it.

No good having an idea without something to pin it to.

We spend a lot of time in our travels speaking to different people and groups all over the place. It is this that informed the idea to set up this project. While there is a whole pile of stuff going on. Much of it is unconnected to any thing else, apart from its own activity or expertise. The position we take is in helping to create links or identifying the critical connections between these activities that are capable of helping to build and being part of a movement to challenge institutional power. 

 What we needed was some concrete ideas to get us motivated, to get us interested. A vehicle in which to drive through the humbug, propaganda, and subterfuge that is an all too prevalent part of city life. So for clarity we localised ourselves to the city, our city. That does not mean to say we limit ourselves to our geographical position. It is to say what we learn can be transferred to almost any place as communities have much the same needs and problems  the world over.

Environment architecture and planning as social subjects

We needed to define a target for activity. We found one in the 2050 city plan. The city planners who ever they may be have decided on a thirty year plan for Glasgow mentioned elsewhere. This project happens around another extravagansa 30 years ago Another event that whilst calling itself "cultural" along with all of the other corporate jargon, same as is used today, opened the city wide to laissez faire development under the guise of  "cultural vibrancy", "a creative economy" "world-class city" and other such homilies to attract the culture of business. If the last 30 years of social decline was "for the people", the Commonwealth Games devastating the east end into parking lots for future corporate developments for the next 30 year plan no doubt, we had better watch out

There are around 611,201.2 people in Glasgow. Many of them creative and bursting with ideas of what a "dynamic" and "vibrant" city for people should feel like and look like. It is them that we should put to work with the experts in our communities, those nearest the problems, who could and should be able to work alongside in an exercise of mutual learning.