About Us

"This is the city and I am one of its citizens. Whatever interests the rest interests me, politics, wars, markets, newspapers, schools,
the mayor and councils, banks, tariffs, steamships, factories, stocks, stores, real estate and personal estate."
Walt Whitman

A simple concept to understand

While Scotland's Common Good Fund can be found in places all over the county. These publicly owned assets consisting of land, buildings, artwork, jewellery and money and are collectively worth tens of millions

Over time many of these assets have been, lost, sold or stolen. For instance Glasgows, Common Good Fund, which should be used by the communities who own it is used for entertaining visiting dignitaries to the city, while the city has refused to  compile a Common Good Register.

While at the same time The Community Empowerment Act under sectin 8 is designed to encourage our Common Good to be registered. But as usual we can not empower communities without action. And we can not wait for the council to act for us. Unfortunately not enough folk know even of its existence hence. The Common Good Awareness Project

A simple concept to understand, the reclaiming of our commons.

"In January 2007, the leader of Glasgow City Council (and now board member of Culture and Sport Glasgow) announced that the management Glasgow's Common Good assets, museums, libraries, social and community policy and much more, would be transferred en masse to a private company (with, for now at least, charitable status). The decision to transfer control of Glasgow's treasured heritage and future social policy was taken without any consultation, discussion or debate involving or including the people of Glasgow; instead Purcell and a very small number of ill-advised and well connected colleagues, together with paid external consultants, worked for months putting a highly questionable business plan together, while the Glasgow people had no idea anything was being planned." From Glasgow lost Nov 2007